René Magritte

René François Ghislain Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fall under the umbrella of surrealism. His work is known for challenging observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality.

Jan Portielje

Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje was a Dutch-Belgian painter. Portielje was the tenth child (eleven) Gerrit Portielje, bookseller and publisher in Amsterdam and Jacoba Zeegers. He studied at the Academy in Amsterdam from 1842 to 1849 with, among others, Valentine Bing and Jan von Braet Uberfeldt. Between 1851 and 1853 he stayed several times for extended periods of time in Paris as possible during the summer months when the Academy was closed for vacation. He also worked as a portraitist and as such had a growing clientele in Brussels and Antwerp.